• 1799 AED / Adult - 1699 AED / Child (5-11)
  • You will be picked up from your hotel/accommodation (Within urban areas in Dubai) in the afternoon
  • Dune Bashing 30 – 40 minutes & Quad biking
  • Arabic dinner with live barbecue&Gourmet Breakfast in our campand shisha
  • Mesmerizing fire show under the stars
  • Private and exclusive campsite&Welcome tea, coffee withdates
  • Sunrise balloon ride with Wi-Fi on board
  • The flight goes up approximately from 2000 to 4000 feet for you to enjoy the vast sand dunes over Arabian desert
  • Catch a glimpse of the sun and the sky
  • Enjoy seeing camels and mountains
  • Camel Ride/ Horse Ride & Falconry
  • E flight certificate.


What to Expect?


Before the sun rises we will pick you up from your hotel to travel to the take-off point in the desert – not more than a 45-minute drive from the city to start your Ballooning journey.

Refreshment & Take off

Once you arrive to the takeoff location you will be welcomed with refreshment coffee, tea and water. Then enjoy watching our ground crew will be preparing the balloon envelopes and baskets. After a quick safety briefing, you will gather around your basket while your Pilot begins the thrilling process of inflation. You will climb into the basket and before you know it, you will begin to peacefully float off the ground and ascend into the sky.

Hot air Balloon Ride

It’s time to fly! Following our staff's instructions, you get safely tucked into the basket and the ascend starts. The journey to 4000 feet in the air is peaceful and exhilarating at the same time. You have to actually be there to feel it, words won’t do any justice


After enjoying your adventure balloon ride the balloons land somewhere different in the desert every day depending on the wind. After landing watch the ground crew professionally rolls up the balloon envelope.

Gourmet Breakfast

Of course after the adventure your appetite work up Gourmet Breakfast in a Traditional Bedouin Camp,


After capturing the sunrise and the scenic views of Margham Desert in your cameras and your minds forever, upon landing you can engage in the UAE’s oldest traditional sport, ‘Falconry’. Sita falcon on your forearm and feel like a character from the Arabian Nights tales

Camel Ride

Once you enjoy your gourmet breakfast in our fascinating Bedouin camp have camel ride and learn how they are the key part of Bedouin culture


We will give you a commemorative certificate of your flight so you can brag in front of your friends! Show off your bravado and encourage your friends and family to try the once in a lifetime experience with Air Balloon

Dune Bashing & Quad Bike

Upon landing, you will proceed to dune bashing by our experienced desert safari driver's then head to our bedouin camp and you will then proceed for a 30min Quad bike ride over the dunes.